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The Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada
The Sponsorship Report is proud to partner with the SMCC. Founded in 2004 under the auspices of the Association of Canadian Advertisers, it is dedicated to fostering professionalism within the Canadian Sponsorship industry. It does this in many ways. The SMCC hosts member-exclusive breakfast forums in Toronto, and information sessions in Montreal, aimed at the industry’s pressing concerns. Annually in Toronto it hosts the Sponsorship Marketing Awards, honouring excellence in sponsorship execution. In conjunction with the annual awards ceremony, the SMCC also stages its annual professional development conference, followed by a not-to-be-missed networking session.

Power Sponsorship
There is, in our view, no finer online resource for best practices in sponsorship than Australia’s Power Sponsorship. Kim Skildum-Reid provides both the brains and the brawn behind a rich website chock full of useful tips, wise counsel and opinion that does not steer shy of controversy. Kim generously shares her insights through many free tools and reports available on the site. Her monthly blog is always an entertaining read. And if you’re willing to part with a little bit of money (not a lot), Kim offers Webinars and has three very useful handbooks on the market. It’s a website worth bookmarking.

The Sponsorship Landscape Study
Every year, in partnership with the Canadian Sponsorship Forum and the Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada, researchers Norm O’Reilly and Benoît Séguin conduct the Sponsorship Landscape Study.

This insightful piece of original research is the only credible and independent study of the state of the Canadian sponsorship industry. It relies on your participation for accuracy and thoroughness.

The Sponsorship Landscape Study is governed by the highest of ethical standards. The confidentiality of responses is jealously guarded. The 2011 survey is open. Now is the perfect time for you to click onto the link above and participate in this survey. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

British Columbia Alpine Ski Association
Don’t be put off by the cluttered home page. BC Alpine does an exceptional job of delivering value to its sponsors. It relies heavily on volunteers, who act as BC Alpine’s public face when interacting with sponsors and media at various events. That’s not unusual, but the discipline they show is.

That discipline is reinforced by a program BC Alpine calls “SAM,” which simply stands for Sponsors-Awards-Media. Event volunteers, dubbed “SAM coordinators,” are trained and charged with coordinating the interaction among BC Alpine, its event sponsors, and media covering the event.

Click “Media” and then “S.A.M. Files” and see how carefully BC Alpine manages its relationship with its sponsors.

Charity Village
The most comprehensive site for not-for-profit organizations anywhere. Look for sponsorship consultants under “Suppliers.” Scroll down to “Marketing & Communications.”

Schadenfreude. It’s that lovely German word that refers to the guilty pleasure we all feel — at least sometimes — when the mighty are taken down a peg. Follow this link to the reasons for judgment in the case MasterCard International Ltd. v. Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Bear in mind that this is but the first judgment in a case under appeal. But as a pure narrative, whether accurate or not, it is a good case study of how sponsorship contracts ought not to be negotiated. To be fair, we should also mention that the decision was stayed pending review, and that FIFA and MasterCard did reach an out-of-court settlement, announced on June 21, 2007, under which FIFA agreed to pay MasterCard US$90 million, and MasterCard withdrew its various lawsuits in the matter.