The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

//The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

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As has been its practice for the past several years, the authors of the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study have parted the curtain on results at the CSFX conference even though the survey is still soliciting responses.

The survey will remain open until July 1 and is relevant to anyone involved in the Canadian sponsorship industry. If you have not completed the survey, you may access it at this link. To whet your appetite, here are a few of the preliminary findings, all of which are subject to revision once final survey results have been analyzed:

  • As it should be, consumer passions and interests continue to lead sponsorship decisions by a wide margin. Surprisingly, bias (“we like hockey”) has gained in significance. It’s holding a distant second place, but it was identified as an important decision-making factor both by sponsors and their agencies.
  • Total spending (rights fees + activation) is up again, approaching $3 billion.
  • Sponsorship as a percentage of the marketing and communications budget has fallen to 22.8%. This is the lowest figure seen since 2012 and reverses a upward trend that began after that year.
  • Sport, both professional and amateur, continues to get more than half of sponsorship spending. Arts and causes collectively get less than 10%
  • For the first time, the study has broken out the share of sponsorship investment earned by municipalities, and it is significant: 11.4%. That’s more than arts, more than cause, and more than education.
  • The activation ratio – the amount spent on activation as a percentage of rights fees – remains fairly steady at .48, meaning that sponsors are spending 48 cents on activation for every dollar spent on rights fees. Some consider this a low number and an indicator of poor activation practice.
  • Unfortunately, properties continue to disappoint their sponsors. Properties consistently underdeliver on their sponsor’s expectations.
  • But, go figure! The outlook is bright. Ninety percent of sponsors expect their spending this year to equal or surpass last year’s.

To download your copy of the interim findings, and to review previous versions of the study, visit

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