Budweiser, StubHub, appeal to Habs fans

//Budweiser, StubHub, appeal to Habs fans

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You wouldn’t really expect Budweiser to allow an NHL playoff season to pass without a bit of gentle ambush marketing, now would you? Even though they lost NHL rights to Molson Coors in a 2011 court battle, Labatt has continued to wage a marketing war for the allegiance of NHL hockey fans. And when an opportunity presents itself in Molson’s backyard, how can it resist?

This playoff season, Budweiser partnered with StubHub and several sports-media personalities in Quebec to distribute 250 StubHub credits (valued at US$400 each) to hockey fans in Quebec. Fans could also win daily StubHub credits valued at US$1,000 for 30 days beginning April 10 when purchasing an 18-pack of Budweiser at a participating Couche-Tard location.

The promotion remained onside of intellectual property rights, making no mention of the NHL or the Canadiens, but talking plenty of hockey as the Canadiens embarked on their exciting (for Habs fans), but short-lived (April 12 to April 22) playoff run.

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