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Hydro Québec sponsors electric vehicle race

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] There will be no roar of high-performance engines and thick smell of oil and fuel at the inaugural Montreal ePrix this summer. Formula E is a new property of FIA (Fédération internationale de l'automobile), featuring electric vehicles. The series was launched in 2014 [...]

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No marks for elegant titling

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] Its former name was the Bayview Place DC Payments Open presented by Times Colonist - not likely to win any awards for elegance. But the new name for the Mackenzie Tour PGA Tour Canada stop is no better: the Bayview Place Cardtronics Open presented [...]

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New gear for northern hockey players

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] Project North, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children in Canada's North, assembled a powerful team to deliver hockey equipment to communities in the far north over the last week of April. First Air supplied the transportation, while the NHL [...]

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Budweiser, StubHub, appeal to Habs fans

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] You wouldn't really expect Budweiser to allow an NHL playoff season to pass without a bit of gentle ambush marketing, now would you? Even though they lost NHL rights to Molson Coors in a 2011 court battle, Labatt has continued to wage a [...]

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The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] As has been its practice for the past several years, the authors of the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study have parted the curtain on results at the CSFX conference even though the survey is still soliciting responses. The survey will remain open until July [...]

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2017 SMCC Sponsorship Marketing Awards

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] TSR was there, at the sold-out 2017 Sponsorship Marketing Awards ceremony in Toronto on April 20 at a packed 99 Sudbury. The annual awards honour top tier properties, brands and companies that have positively shifted the landscape of sponsorship marketing by forging meaningful [...]

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National Track League confronts a new hurdle

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] The National Track League (NTL) will run this year as a three-event circuit and then assess its sustainability. The league, a property of Athletics Canada, was launched in 2011 as a competitive vehicle that would raise the profile of Canadian track athletes in [...]

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Partnerships help elevate the shopping experience at Toronto’s Yorkdale

[wpv-post-taxonomy type="topic" separator=" "] [wpv-post-taxonomy type="category"] [wpv-post-title] Virtual retailers may claim an advantage over their bricks-and-mortar competitors in terms of convenience, price and possibly even selection, but what they can't offer is experience. Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre has been cultivating brand partnership to elevate the Yorkdale shopping experience, first with [...]

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